Dresses Are "Hot" This Summer!

That being said I will suggest that EVERY body type and age can and should wear summer dresses. What?!?!? Am I hearing moans and groans from those of you who are saying....I hate dresses, I look terrible in dresses, I have no where to wear dresses, I haven't worn a dress since my first communion and I looked like a white taffeta nightmare and I have pictures to prove it!!!!

To ALL of you, I say give the summer dress another try!!!! We have millions of styles that will flatter every shape and once you've worn the perfect summer dress....you are going to be on a quest to fill your closet with more. Why do I say this????

  • Because first and foremost, if you've picked the correct style, they make you look amazing!!!!!
  • Secondly, they are much more comfortable and cooler than shorts or capris. They feel like a nightgown on...seriously ...they do!!!!!
  • Thirdly, you will look SO put together with SO LITTLE effort.
  • Last but not least, since most of our dresses are under $20, a dress is one of the best values of the summer!!!!

No matching colors of tops and bottoms, textures, or styles ....just throw on a dress and out the door you go. We have dress styles for a little league game, day at the park, day at the office, and to wear to the most formal of weddings.

Still don't believe us????? Stop into It's So You in Willoughby, Ohio today and let one of the It's So You Girls pick out a dress style that is just SO YOU!

Laurel & The It's So You Girls

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