How to wear ankle jeans and pants with different type of shoes and boots

During the winter season we tend to stay away from revealing too much skin due to colder weather, so our options tend to narrow down a bit, but it doesn't have to be that way because we discovered that ankle length pants and jeans are versatile and you can still enjoy them even in cold weather. 

Let's examine the length and fit because it may be drastically different from the rest of your pants, making shoes confusing. A cropped pant, especially on those  who aren’t tall and slim can shorten the figure, so a shoe that elongates the leg is your best bet. Below we offer different types of shoes that work well with cropped pants.

      1. Pointy toe or almond toe flats, heels or kitten heels, also if adding a bit of shoe cleavage it will elongate your legs giving the sensation that you are taller. 
      2. Ankle boots, midi boots or sock boots. These are great when pairing with cropped pants or jeans, they allow a bit of leg to still be shown emulating that the leg is longer as well.
      3. Strappy sandals. Pair them if possibly with the same color of your cropped pants. The straps being delicate and same color of your pants will blend in to create a column of colour thus making you look taller. If you are daring wearing these with some sheer ankle socks will take your look to the next level.
      4. Wedges or high heels to add back inches of height and elongating your legs.
      5. Sneakers, because nowadays these have become an essential fashion statement in our wardrobes and when paring them with cropped pants they look amazing, making the shoe, the star of the show.

Another important tip will be to tuck in your shirt while wearing cropped length pants or jeans because it will make your torso look longer.

To combat the cold weather we also love to suggest that some ankle socks, sheer tights and socks with fun designs will also bring a bit of coziness and comfort, elevating the look at the same time!  But most importantly always carry your look and style with pride, because confidence is everything! 

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